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Consulting & Design

Imagination and innovation combine to create the most visionary platforms and concepts to help you develop the event that everyone will remember. Our creative team is unmatched in developing innovative solutions and concepts. Our team turns our clients’ dreams into realities all over the world every day.

Live Sound

AP Tech is the Premier provider of audio services for events around the world. We will provide state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology including concert quality line-array systems, digital mixing consoles, conference mic systems, audio recording systems and much more.


If you’re looking for the best lighting services and products for your upcoming event, we have one of the largest rental inventories of cutting-edge technology in the country at our disposal. We have a wide range of LED products for corporate events, concerts and trade show floors.

Broadcasting & Video

From Corporate Presentations, Product Launches, Annual General Meetings, Training Sessions to Entertainment events, video streaming has become a key way to widen your audience. From a small event streaming to a Facebook page, Youtube page, to large scale events requiring thousands of viewers on a custom interface or pay per view APETech has you covered.

Networking Solutions

Advanced Network Solutions makes it simple for your event to get the infrastructure it needs. We help AV professionals deploy, and integrate both traditional and new IT systems into today’s AV infrastructures. Whether it is deploying AV/IT technologies to improve communications capabilities, Comprehensive video conferencing solutions, Streaming and archiving, Remote monitoring, or Management and Diagnostics APE Tech will provide end-to-end service. We are the #1 choice for those looking to install WiFi for a high density crowds. We can provide High quality antennas with variable beam steering technology.


Currently not available in house but will start providing production services in early-2020.

Wired & wireless solutions for events with large capacities.